Legal Blueprint©

Your organisation is directly and indirectly affected by an enormous amount of laws and regulations. It is often hard to control precisely those elements that matter. A Legal Blueprint© provides you with an overview that does just that: a legal blueprint of laws, regulations and rules that impact your organisation. Delivered both as a physical poster displaying the overview and digitally (named OrgaWise©).

The blueprint is created according to the specific needs of its users. Therefore, it only includes the information relevant to your organisation. A Legal Blueprint© is a legal model regarding a specific topic within an organisation. For instance, the process of granting a permit. A Legal Blueprint© contains Legal Objects© logically arranged in a matrix. This way, one overview contains all of the standards with regard to the topic at hand, placed in a new, logical structure. The model visualises how specific laws and regulations should be applied to your organisation in particular and how they interact with other aspects of the organisation, including processes, IT or organisational units.

The Legal Blueprint© provides an easy to understand overview that is vital to strategic decision making, discussions, education and evaluating the impact of new laws on your organisation. All of the potential problem areas and their interdependence are visualised at once.