"Thanks to Juris, we can visualise all processes and methods in one overview.

In June 2007, Juris used a Decomplexification Model© to map the current processes and methods in one overview for the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service). Overlaps and differences between processes and methods and potential bottlenecks were revealed. The aims of the analysis, which was part of the “IND up-to-date” project, included:

1. Gaining insight into the organisation. How does it work? This is necessary in order to be able to engage in tenders.

2. Preparing for the rule management project. The IND organisation analysis is re-used for this.

Project leader Arnold de Leeuw (who is currently INDIGO program manager) was very pleased with the Decomplexification Model©. This has lead to Legal Blueprints© being used to assess the impact of laws and regulations on the processes for every possible purpose of immigration. Whenever there is an impact, it is integrated into the original Decomplexification Model©. This way, processes are managed from the laws and regulations perspective.

Arnold de Leeuw, , IND