Legal Objects©

Legal Objects© are the textual building blocks of a Legal Blueprint© and a Legal Business DNA©. They reveal what laws or policies demand from your organisation, and which possibilities the law offers in terms of rights, permissions and obligations.

Legislation provides rules regarding what people can or cannot do, as well as how and when (not) to do it. These are referred to as the standards that are deductable from law. Additional standards can be found elsewhere within the same law or other laws, in jurisprudence or in clarifications of laws. The actual rights and obligations one has, follow from the mutual relations between these standards. Juris specialises in bringing together various relevant standards in Legal Objects©. Besides standards, Legal Objects© also include criteria to be met in order for the standards to be applicable.

In addition to making legislation comprehensible, Legal Objects© can also serve as a starting point for implementing it. Their logical structuring and consistent formulation of rules and demands an organisation must meet form a solid base on which to build processes and organisations.