Quality improvement of laws and regulations

You would like to simplify or improve legislation, but are not sure where to start? Juris is here to help.

Using our unique analysis method, the Legal Blueprint©, we trace inconsistencies and imperfections in laws and regulations. Moreover, we support legislating institutions, such as ministries or local governments, in structuring or simplifying the law or a constellation thereof. Depending on the scale of the amendment, concept law or regulation, we can also provide a Legal Blueprint© or Decomplexification Model©. This model revolves around the law’s architecture, giving insight into the consequences of the proposed amendment.

While carrying out the analysis, we explore the issue from multiple angles. This makes Juris’ method unique. We are not only taking into consideration the order in which the legislator put it, we also look at it from a role, task and authorisation perspective. In doing so, we always work closely with our client. The Decomplexification Model© provides you with a clear view of the concept proposal and infallibly reveals inconsistencies and omissions.