Compliance Organiser©

How do you deal with compliance? It is up to you to develop a strategy and policy concerning this topic. You can leave it up to us to help make your organisation compliant. And to keep it that way. Juris structures compliance activities and translates laws to the business. To this end, we have developed the Compliance Organiser© together with our partnering organisations.

The Compliance Organiser© is a framework for compliance, structuring your approach. It enables your compliance officer to make the right adaptations in the organisation, by taking the right steps. By including control mechanisms into the framework, you can monitor compliance closely and better manage processes.

We support you in implementing the Compliance Organiser© into every part of your organisation. Our integrated approach enables continuous control of your organisation’s compliance with laws and regulations. This makes it easier to predict the outcome of requests for mandatory permits, for instance. The clear overview the Compliance Organiser© provides also reduces the cost of your audits significantly.