Legal Business DNA©

A Legal Business DNA© is a model used to check or ensure that your business processes are designed in compliance with laws and regulations. All of the relevant legislation, jurisprudence, internal guidelines and company rules are analysed extensively and projected onto your process design. How does this work?

We start out by fully describing all of the laws and (company) regulations in terms of Legal Objects© and Operational Objects©. After that, we link the business and execution processes to the objects from which they are derived. In doing so, Juris provides a direct link between laws and regulations and process design. Whenever an amendment presents itself, it is directly visible which processes are affected. If so desired, other areas of interest can be added to the model, such as an organisation chart and the legal products: those products a company can or should produce according to law.

In case of an existing process design, Legal Business DNA© reveals which business processes need adapting in order to become compliant. The model consecutively serves to reorganise the process design. This is particularly relevant to completely rule-driven organisations, such as all government bodies, and partly rule-driven organisations, such as utility companies and banks.